Specialised Solutions are the leader in Pre-Fabricated Modularised Structures. With a broad scope of knowledge, we are experienced in Services Risers, Telecommunication structures, Signal Gantry’s, Pedestrian and Site Hoardings, Grandstand Viewing platforms and Outdoor Living Pods.

In construction, there are large costs and safety risks associated with high input site installations and ‘piece building methods’ by various trades. Builders need to closely manage and coordinate all trades and with this comes high risk works such as working at heights, manual handling, working with EWP or scaffold, exclusion zones, working near live edges and falling objects. Through pre-fabricating structures offsite many man hours are saved, programs improved, OHSW risks reduced, higher quality achieved, environmentally friendly which all lead to major savings to the builders budget.


The earlier Specialised Solutions can become involved the greater the savings, We will work closely with the design consultants to ensure the engineers, architects, and draftsman details are all co-ordinate.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is used to coordinate and provide 3D models with clash detection undertaken. This allows the fabrication to commence independent of the site and site conditions.

Offsite fabrication in a controlled environment is unaffected by weather or other delays that may typically occur on site. The prefab structures can be stored and protected ready for install.


A major concern to all builders and employers is the safety of the workers. Working on site in the construction industry, has many high risk activities from working at heights, working near live edges, falling objects, and manual handling.

By undertaking the prefabrication off site in a controlled environment, eliminates many of these activities to ensure the safety of all workers.

The work off site is undertaken in a controlled full equipped workshop environment


While working in a factory we can closely control, supervise and inspect all workman ship, this is signed off by all relevant parties, and ITP’s are completed prior to delivery to site.

Another benefit is the protection of materials and goods offsite, and potential damage caused by handling, weather and other trades.


There is zero waste sent to site, we eliminate packaging and the need to dispose of. Using BIM we can preorder materials to size, therefore minimizing offcuts and waste materials.


There are many savings associated with pre-fabricated structures, from the obvious to many unexpected hidden costs. By reducing man hours on site the builder benefits from reduced inductions, co-ordination requirements of trades, loading docks and material handling such as crane time are reduced. When all this is added up the true cost savings are limitless.

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