Specialised Solutions are industry leaders in prefabricated modular structures (prefab) in Australia. We provide easy and innovative solutions for your assembly, construction and building requirements.

We use a lot of innovative technology and high quality materials to ensure we are at the cutting edge of prefab products and that our prefab solutions help you significantly save money, time, reduce safety risk and contribute to a healthier planet.

Projects overview

Specialised Solutions works with a lot of prominent clients such as:

  • Hansen Yuncken
  • Flinders Medical Centre
  • Adelaide 500
  • Renewal SA
  • Laing O’Rourke
  • DPTI (Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure South Australia)

and many more, implementing infrastructure, buildings, offices, entertainment venues and spaces and so much more.

What is a prefab modular structure?

Our premium prefab units are all constructed off site in our fully equipped and meticulously controlled workshop environment, which reduces significant amount of risk to builders and onsite workers, whilst still making sure the unit is of the highest quality and soundly constructed.

This also means that our quality control processes are second to none and that they are crafted with precision and attention to detail; keeping the unit out of the weather and other onsite construction to preserve it whilst it’s been assembled.

Having your prefab solution made at our specialist manufactory means that there is zero waste that is sent to the building site, which is not only great for the environment but can save you unwanted costs of waste disposal and regulation.

We also pride ourselves on our precision tools and software which further cuts down packaging, disposable materials and excess offcuts.

Example layout of a three module, glass fronted housing system.

*280 square metre single storey home. Variance may occur. Please contact us for an accurate timeframe.

Benefits of prefab

Prefab is leading the way in a number of crucial areas that are not only important to the consumer but to society as a whole.

Prefab construction:

  • is environmentally friendly
  • is energy efficient
  • has less waste
  • is extremely affordable
  • uses far less onsite labour
  • is incredibly fast (can take half the time of traditional construction)
  • is flexible and customisable
  • is high quality
  • is more precise and streamlined
  • has reduced moisture and dust hazard problems
  • has improved quality control
  • has reduced onsite safety risks
  • isn’t affected by weather or seasons.
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