During multistorey construction, uncovered structural framework and exposed utility systems can pose many dangerous problems and high risk scenarios for contractors.

With our unique methodology, we can construct your systems offsite using our reliable prefabricated service risers, no matter what your project is. Rather than building onsite, one component at a time, Specialised Solutions can build the entirety of the system at our purpose built workshop and transport directly to your site and install floor by floor or in larger sections of three or four levels. No longer do you need to put various contractors and specialists in the way of danger.

Not only does our service risers solution prevent unnecessary hazards but improves the quality of the construction. Additionally, it reduces human resources, saves money and is better for the environment. There is zero waste sent to site, reduced packaging and we preorder materials to the correct size, ensuring fewer offcuts and waste.

We embrace contemporary technology such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), which enables us to coordinate and optimise the correct dimensions for all riser elements including services, structural frame and cladding systems in a 3D model.

By utilising our service risers you eliminate the need for:

  • handrails and associated installation
  • temporary access decks
  • additional scaffolding
  • Elevated Work Platform and for Work at Heights licenses
  • safe work method statements and compliances are reduced
  • excessive site inductions crane time.

All this results in significant cost savings and cuts down project time, enabling you to complete it faster, without sacrificing the safety of the workers or compromising the quality of the systems.

You can also be assured that the service risers are engineer certified and fit for transport and lifting, reducing safety hazards and materials and equipment damage.

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