Specialised Solutions has an onsite waterjet cutter that is able to cut and shape all materials of varying thickness with a fine and precise cut.

Using a waterjet for your cutting and shaping needs reduces risk and damage by not using heat and sharp implements during the process. Not only is it much better to use on your materials but it’s safer for you and the environment as it eliminates slag deformation, dross waste and toxic fumes.

This environmentally friendly technology is widely embraced by many industries for its speed, reliability and accuracy. Additionally, it has far less kerf, provides a genuinely smoother edge than other cutting methods and has an 0.005 inch accuracy rate. It can slice materials from 1mm to 200mm thick and can cut straight lines, bevelled edges, curves, irregular shapes and holes all in an extraordinary short timeframe.

Waterjet cutting can be used for:

  • stone
  • marble
  • tile
  • glass
  • metals including steel, aluminium and corten
  • paper and card
  • plastic
  • fibreglass
  • building materials
  • rubber
  • foods and consumables
  • soft and hard materials.
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