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One of the many configurations available using our modular system.

Specialised Components



Unlike other transportable building systems, our modular design utilises completely above ground footings. This not only minimises the impact to the site, it also allows our system to be constructed over un-even ground thanks to our unique structural design. Shown above is the foundations and sub-structure for our elevated Prestige Pavilion. All of our modular systems can be constructed at ground level or on elevated footings.

decks 2

Decks & Ceilings

The majority of our modular system is constructed from base decks and ceiling decks as shown above. Sharing the same base dimensions as our Modules these units can be arranged in various ways to tailor the structure to your specific needs. All our decks are stained timber with an Australian Standard approved non-slip finish. The ceiling is constructed of Bondor Panelling, providing outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation in even the harshest climates.

module 2


The back-bone to our Prestige Pavilion is our unique pre-fabricated modules. These modular units are delivered to your site as a pre-commissioned, plug-n-play unit allowing for immediate use. With lighting, power outlets and high capacity air-conditioning systems the modules provide the services and access to our pavilions. Shown above with basic staging by the client, our modules provide a versatile space for your event needs.


Stairs & Access

A key feature of our modular design is the flexibility in the access layout into our structures. Whether you require a ground level, elevated or even a 3-storey Pavilion with roof-top bar, our modular design incorporates Australian Standard approved access to meet your needs. The checker plate and power coated finish maintains the pleasing aesthetics while provided safe access and egress.

Cantilever Umbrella

External Features

The versatile design of our modular system extends to the structures auxiliary features, allowing complete customisation by the client. With features from hand made recycled timber furniture to folding arm awnings and a selection of balustrades, our system is guaranteed to have the provide the perfect solution to your event requirements.

internal 2

Internal Features

Similarly to the external features, the internal layout of our pavilions is customisable by the client. Our modular design allows the layout, lighting and floor coverings to be tailored to your event requirements. The in-house designed glazing allows and influx of natural light whilst insulating the pavilion from the elements making the pavilions feel like a permanent building.

Our 360 Air viewing deck provides exceptional views of your event. With folding arm awnings, recycled timber furniture and roof-top bars it is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

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