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Leaders in innovative, custom engineering solutions

About us


Our vision is to be the first choice engineering company for Tier 1 builders and government project stakeholders when seeking state of the art, innovative and dependable engineering solutions.



Our mission is to provide innovative and dependable engineering solutions across industries.




By engaging our in house staff and contractors, we utilise the most experienced professionals for each project, incorporating architects, engineers and project managers. Our service is end to end, or utilised as needed to assist large commercial projects.

Understanding that each project has it’s own unique requirements, our teams work together in delivering innovative engineering solutions that often go beyond the expectations of our clients.


Our 5500m² workshop has the capacity to run multiple large scale assembly and production projects.

With the flexibility to assemble engineering solutions completely off site at our facility, we completely minimise on site disruption and enable effective delivery and installation of all solutions.

Spec Solar Facility

Business Divisions

To maximise our effectiveness in cross industry specialisation, we have two business divisions that focus entirely on Solar and Event engineering solutions. Our business divisions work together and utilise the Specialised Solutions facility, adding significant value to our clients by leveraging one facility with a full range of intellectual capital, geared to drive a full range of innovative solutions.


Specialised Solutions is a innovative, dependable partner to Tier 1 Builders, find out how we can add value to your project.

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