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Prefabricated Modular Solutions

Specialised Solutions are industry leaders in prefabricated modular structures (prefab) in Australia. We provide modern,  flexible and innovative solutions for assembly, construction and building requirements.

Our high quality prefab structures are assembled offsite, in our  5500m² workshop in Tonsley. This avoids any onsite construction risks and waste, whilst allowing construction to continue regardless of weather conditions. Saving time, money and being environmentally friendly, talk to us how our flexible prefab structures can add value to your project.

Specialised Fabrication

Using unique and innovative methods, we can fabricate just about anything in our 5500m² workshop.

Understanding our clients needs, we create bespoke metal work for projects of varying complexity that are used throughout major construction projects and events in South Australia.


Project Management

Being project management specialists, we ensure your project gets completed on time and money, with minimal to no disruption on site.

Our project management team coordinates our architects, engineers and workers to deliver and install your custom solution with our trucks, cranes and services risers for seamless operation.

Service Risers

The ideal solution for multistorey construction and projects, we construct your entire system offsite at our facility in Tonsley using our innovative prefabricated service risers. This allows us to deliver and install your complete system and avoid the need for handrails, access decks, scaffolding, licenses and excess crane time.

Resulting in  significant cost savings and reduced  project time, enabling project completion faster, without sacrificing the safety of workers or compromising the quality of the systems.

prefab service risers
crane hire service

Crane Hire

We offer a wide range of crane sizes and with varied capabilities, from 600mm wide (with 8.5m reach and 2.9 tonne capacity) crane up to larger cranes that have a reach of 18 meters and sizes in between, including a scissor lift which is ideal for indoor work.

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We also specialise in supporting SA best events with our custom engineering solutions

Our range of Solar Engineering solutions are at the forefront of industry and consumer demand

Specialised Solutions is a innovative, dependable partner to Tier 1 Builders, find out how we can add value to your project.

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